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Stage 5: Water Emergency

The declaration of Long-Term Stage 5 water conservation requirements will be by the agency’s Board of Directors in a regular or special session. A long-term declaration is for water shortage conditions expected for a duration of more than 45 days.

  • Water shall be used for beneficial purposes only; all unnecessary and wasteful uses of water are prohibited.
  • Water shall be confined to the customer’s property and shall not be allowed to run-off to adjoining properties or to the roadside ditch or gutter. Care shall be taken not to water past the point of saturation.
  • Free-flowing hoses for all uses are prohibited. Automatic shut-off devices shall be attached on any hose or filling apparatus in use.
  • 4. Leaking customer pipes or faulty sprinklers shall be repaired immediately. Water service will be suspended until repairs are made.
  • All pools, spas, and ornamental fountains/ponds shall be equipped with a recirculation pump and shall be constructed to be leak-proof. No potable water from the District’s system shall be used to fill or refill swimming pools, artificial lakes, ponds or streams. Water use for ornamental ponds and fountains is prohibited.
  • Washing streets, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, or buildings, except as necessary for health or sanitary purposes, is prohibited.
  • Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the water agency’s conservation programs and rebates.
  • Landscape and pasture irrigation is prohibited.
  • Reduce indoor water use by more than 50%. Contact you water provider for tips and techniques to reduce indoor water use.
  • Water for flow testing and construction purposes from water agency fire hydrants and blow-offs is prohibited. No potable water from the District’s system shall be used for construction purposes including but not limited to dust control, compaction, or trench jetting. Use of reclaimed water for construction purposes in encouraged.
  • Restaurants shall serve only upon request.
  • Flushing of sewers or fire hydrants is prohibited except in case of emergency and for essential operations.
  • Installation of new turf or landscaping is prohibited.
  • Automobiles or equipment shall be washed only at commercial establishments that use recycled or reclaimed water.
  • Water Crisis/Emergency tiered pricing will be implemented.
  • New connections to the District water distribution system will not be allowed.